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Antibiotics are those which act against the growth of infectious organisms. Antimicrobials, Antibacterials fall under this.Antibacterial may be either Bacteriostat or Bacteriocidal.Bacteriostat is those which inactivates the organism and retards the growth whereas Bactericidal completely kills the organism. Antibiotics which acts on the specific bacterial group were named as narrow spectrum and those which shows activity against two groups i.e positive and negative bacteria are named as broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Multiple drug-resistant bacterial infection 2017-2025 survey reported that usd26,169 MN in 2016 is expected to increase to USD 060.77 MN by 2025

  • Advancements in T cell therapies
  • Antimicrobials, antibacterials
  • Broad spectrum and Narrow spectrum antibiotics
  • Coinfections

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